IPTV: which subscription to choose in 2023?

IPTV remains very fashionable in 2023 and it is even a stronger trend than ever, with a plethora of streaming, SVOD and online TV platforms available. Not sure what to choose between Netflix, OCS, RMC Sport, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video or Molotov? Follow the guide.

IPTV: which subscription to choose? 
IPTV: which subscription to choose?
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October 21, 2021 at 4:08 p.m., modified January 4, 2023 at 3:47 p.m.

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People who use their TV to simply watch traditional TV channels are becoming increasingly rare. Linear TV is clearly losing momentum, and this is explained by the high popularity of IPTV. This term refers to TV accessible on the Internet, in particular through replay platforms or applications such as Molotov, OCS or RMC Sport. But its definition also extends to SVOD platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and a few others. The advantage of IPTV is that you don’t have to be in front of your screen at a fixed time to watch a program: you can access it whenever you want, on demand. In addition, IPTV offers direct access from most connected screens, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, TV or computer.

The important point to know about IPTV is that access to services is paid. This requires you to make a choice at the time of your subscription, so as to respect your budget to the letter. Here are the most interesting services you can turn to, and the programs not to be missed right now.

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IPTV: legal or not legal?

The vast majority of services available in the context of IPTV in the broad sense are obviously legal platforms, sometimes free, but often available on paid subscription, monthly or year-round. We do not recommend any illegal service, for obvious reasons. Illegal IPTV services hack paid streams of legal services through the back door, the quality is not there, the connection is of poor quality and the stream is not stable. The conditions are not met to enjoy the content and the creators are not paid for their work. However, we must be wary, because some illegal IPTV platforms may ask Internet users to subscribe to a paid subscription, which can be very confusing about the legitimacy or not of the service, and put subscribers in a delicate situation under the law. Before subscribing and giving your money to an IPTV platform, make sure it is legitimate. Our selection of legal subscription offers allows you to make an informed choice and ensure that you can benefit from them safely and properly. We encourage you to turn to offers of this type, to enjoy the best possible quality of service.

iptv ireland

NordVPN, a good way to enjoy IPTV

If your desire to enjoy IPTV goes beyond the borders of the country where you are, using a VPN can broaden your horizons. Indeed, by using such software, you can geolocate your connection in a foreign country, and access IPTV platforms as well as catalogs of streaming services around the world. NordVPN has 5407 super-fast servers in 60 countries, and you can of course choose the one where you want to locate yourself. For example, if you want to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Video movie catalog available in the United States, you can locate yourself in New York to access it. Ditto for the Netflix catalog in Japan, access to the BBC replay in the United Kingdom… There is no shortage of possibilities to use NordVPN to enjoy more and more content to watch, and this solution is perfectly legal.

NordVPN celebrates Christmas in its own way, offering up to 68% off its various offers. The ideal is to turn to subscriptions with a duration of two years to benefit from the best price. In addition, you also benefit from three additional months offered: this gives you access to NordVPN for a preferential rate for a total of 27 months.

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At the beginning of the year, NordVPN is offering its essential subscription with 55% off, and three months free if you subscribe for two years. So you pay 3.69 euros per month and you have access to the VPN, virus protection and an ad blocker for 27 months. The advanced subscription costs, meanwhile, 4.69 euros per month with 55% discount and three months free: it gives access, in addition, to a password manager and a vulnerability scanner. Finally, for 5.99 euros per month, the Ultimate subscription is available to you. Here the discount reaches 63% and three months are also offered. In addition to previous services, you benefit from 1 TB of storage space in a secure cloud.

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The Best Legal IPTV Subscription Offers

Disney +

With Disney+ the famous house of Mickey offers all fans of its various studios hundreds of films, series and cartoons accessible at will, on all screens: the opportunity to enjoy Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Pixar and National Geographic content but also Star, a brand new universe of content. Disney+ costs 8.99 euros per month without commitment, or 89.90 euros for a year of commitment, which saves 15% on the subscription.

If Disney+ benefits from a huge catalog composed of almost all the great classics of animation from Disney and Pixar studios, but also dozens of old and recent live films from its various subsidiaries, including Fox, Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios, the platform multiplies the exclusives. In January on Disney+, don’t miss season two of The Amateurs and season two of Reservation Dogs, the return of the animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch and the debut of the series Welcome to Chippendales. On the film side, Free Guy is one of the must-sees of the moment. Space buffs can also enjoy the documentaries Mars: 24 hours on the red planet and Encounter with Pluto.

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Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is Amazon’s SVOD platform: it allows access to thousands of movies, episodes of series, documentaries and reality TV programs at will, on all connected screens. The catalogue is updated monthly and brings new products from all over the world. A wide selection of cartoons is also available. Amazon Prime Video costs 6.99 euros per month without commitment, or 69.90 euros for a full year of subscription.

Amazon Prime Video also broadcasts eight Ligue 1 matches and eight Ligue 2 matches per day of competition, enough to please football fans. To take advantage of it, however, you must subscribe to the Ligue 1 Pass which costs 12.99 euros per month. Amazon’s SVOD platform is offering four films from the Jurassic Park saga in January. You can also enjoy Out of Time, Eyes Wide Shut, Shazam and Dune. On the series side, the complete Mad Men arrives on the site, as well as season six of This is Us, season two of Hunters e and the complete Last Light.

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The Netflix subscription video-on-demand platform offers one of the richest offers on the market in terms of movies and series accessible at will. Documentaries and cartoons are also at the rendezvous of its catalog. Netflix offers four rates: the first is 7.99 euros per month for access on a single screen in standard quality. For 11.99 euros, the content is in HD and on two screens at the same time. For 15.99 euros per month, you can enjoy Netflix on four screens at the same time, in HD and Ultra HD. Finally, the Essentiel subscription with advertising costs 5.99 euros and gives access to the same as the classic Essentiel subscription, but between 4 and 5 minutes of advertising are broadcast every hour of viewing.

In this month of January, Netflix welcomes the surprising series Kaleidoscope, the first season of Lady Voyeur, the complete Monster and that of The Lying Life of Adults. Season two of Ginny & Georgia is also on the program, as well as that of Vikings: Valhalla. On the film side, we can mention The Founder and The Scammer.


Arriving in France in December 2022, Paramount+ is an SVOD platform that focuses, as its name suggests, on the catalog of content of the Hollywood studio Paramount. There are also movies and series from the CBS All Access offer, which is also the former name of Paramount+. Like all other subscription video-on-demand platforms, Paramount+ is focused on streaming on all connected screens, via dedicated applications. The direct subscription to Paramount+ costs either 7.99 euros per month without commitment, or 79.90 euros per year, this time with a 12-month commitment.

Notable Paramount+ content includes Yellowjackets, Your Honor, Halo, I Carly, Tulsa King, Super Pumped, The Man Who Fell to Earth and Star Trek: Strange New World. Movies include Top Gun, Morse code, Without a Sound 1 and 2, Star Trek Beyond, Jerry & Marge Go Large and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

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RMC Sport

Official broadcaster of many football competitions, such as the Champions League and the Europa League, RMC Sport also offers many other sports within its schedule, including rugby, basketball, UFC and horse riding. The 100% digital subscription to RMC Sport costs 19 euros per month with a 12-month commitment, or 25 euros per month without commitment.

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OCS broadcasts many films each year, as well as series from the catalogs of HBO, Showtime and BBC. A very rich offer that is constantly renewed and is accessible on all screens. OCS highlights two subscription formulas: one at 9.99 euros per month accessible from two screens simultaneously, and another at 11.99 euros per month, available on three screens at the same time. They are both non-binding.

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beIN SPORTS Connect

beIN SPORTS broadcasts many sports including basketball, tennis, rugby, handball, football and much more, through sports competitions. Programs accessible live, but also in replay, on all screens. Access to BeIN SPORTS costs 15 euros per month, without commitment, with access from your connected screens.

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Salto is one of the latest players in the IPTV market to arrive in France. It is, moreover, a platform that was born from the desire of France Télévisions, TF1 and M6 to offer an offer capable of competing with those of the major global players. Salto concentrates a very important part of its catalog on French productions of series, films and other television programs. This month, you can find on Salto the Italian series Blanca, season five of All American, the Jurassic Park trilogy, the Jumanji saga as well as Mud and Take Shelter by director Jeff Nichols. RTT, Fonzy, Victoria or La stratégie de la poussette are also at the rendezvous.

The subscription is accessible from 6.99 euros per month for a single access, without commitment, and the first month is free.

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HBO Max is a platform that was launched in the United States last year, and will arrive in France sometime in 2022. The HBO Max catalog consists of series and TV movies produced by the American channel HBO, but also a very rich offer from the Warner Bros. studio. The service is present on many platforms, including iOS and Android devices, PlayStation and Microsoft game consoles, connected TVs, and Windows and macOS computers.

Anime Digital Network

Also known as DNA, this SVOD service is one of the most popular in France when it comes to streaming Japanese animated series and movies. More than 300 animated series and more than 65 films are present, which represents thousands of hours of viewing since some series display hundreds of episodes on the counter. Anime Digital Network offers a free offer, which gives access to a selection of content, but to enjoy the entire catalog and broadcasts as close as possible to those of Japan, you must subscribe. Smartphones, tablets and computers provide access to DNA.

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Molotov TV

Molotov TV is one of the most well-known IPTV services. Unlike other services, its access is free, but it is possible to subscribe to subscriptions to pay channels directly from the application. The vast majority of DTT and service channels are accessible free of charge, but there are exceptions: for example, channels from the M6 and TF1 groups are only accessible by subscription. It is possible to subscribe to different bouquets of pay channels from the application.

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By subscribing to FilmoTV, you get access to over 900 unlimited movies for the whole family. The proposal includes a lot of French and international feature films, and discounts are applied on new VOD. FilmoTV’s new films include Hippocrates, The Holiday, Call me by your name, Le Temps qui reste, Her, Barton Fink and Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. Access to FilmoTV costs 6.99 euros per month, without commitment.

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The good idea: The Android box

If you want to enjoy your IPTV services on your TV, you can choose to invest in an Android box which is one of the specialties. We could even talk about an IPTV box when we talk about this type of device, designed to offer connected features to people who do not have a TV recent enough or powerful enough to offer them itself. As the name of this kind of boxes suggests, it is the Android operating system that is most of the time in the spotlight, even if there are also on the side of Apple. The purchase of an Android Box usually costs only a few tens of euros: you can turn to one of the , to Nvidia Shield or Q Box. Amazon also offers its Fire TV Stick, which exploits Fire OS and not Android, but still gives access to many IPTV applications. These devices connect via HDMI to a display.

IPTV platforms on your Smart TV

The purchase of a connected TV necessarily involves the integration of many features allowing, in particular, to download applications in the storage space of the screen. The vast majority of IPTV platforms have an application dedicated to Smart TVs, regardless of their brand. However, you should know that depending on the brand chosen, the operating system changes: Sony, Philips, TCL, Hitachi or Sharp TVs ship Android TV, Samsung TVs work using Tizen, and LG screens use WebOS. This necessarily brings a lot of differences in terms of navigation and interface, but, in general, you will have access to streaming content services in the same way on different brands. Some manufacturers even display, on the remote control of their TVs, a button dedicated to Prime Video or Netflix, for even easier access to these very popular SVOD platforms. If you plan to change your TV soon, this is a point to perhaps consider.

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